Denamarin Is Available In Chewable Tablet Form As Well

Published: 15th February 2011
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Owning a pet dog or cat sure is a very fun and joyful experience. However taking care of pets is just as tedious a job as taking care of a child. Just like human beings dogs and cats have their own health issues that need to be constantly looked after. And as the owner of a pet it is your sole responsibility that you are properly looking after the diet and health of your pet. This is why in the market many medicines and supplements have become available so that pet owners can keep their pets in top shape. These days the latest trend is to give your pet dog or cat supplements to keep them healthy. One very famous supplement these days is Denamarin.

Denamarin is a supplement that has natural antioxidants in it that are beneficial in the digestion of your pet cat or dog. Denamarin also helps in improving the absorption of nutrients from your pet food and also increases the amount of detoxifying agents that are present in a cat or dogs liver. The main purpose of Denamarin is to enhance the overall liver function of your pet by adding glutathione which is needed by the liver. Glutathione is what helps detoxifying the liver.

Denamarin also contains SAMe which is an antioxidant which helps ensuring that the liver cells that are supposed to protect the liver do not die and also helps in repairing and regenerating new cells. Denamarin tables are available in four different varieties. The first category distinction is Denamarin for cats and Denamarin for dogs. Then there are further two types which are for small dogs and cats and one for medium and large dogs and cats.

Denamarin offers multiple health benefits to your pet. It ensures the liver works perfectly while improving the digestion of your dog or cat. It helps in the absorption of nutrients thus making your pet eat healthier and live longer. Finally it also benefits the brainís health of your cat or dog. The best thing about Denamarin is that it has close to zero side effects.

Denamarinis available in chewable tablet form as well. However you need to be careful about the amount of dosage you are giving to your pet because it varies based on the weight of your pet. The safest thing to do would be to take your pet cat or dog to the vet first and have a full medical examination. After that with consultation with the vet you can decide on how much Denamarin would be suitable for your pet.

So if you are concerned about the liver functioning of your pet cat or dog you can safely consider buying Denamarin as it will be extremely beneficial for it even in cases where the liver is already health. Since it has no possible side effects you donít even need to worry about anything like that. Plus it offers a range of other health benefits that will only do more good for your pet dog or cat.

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